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Kestrels nesting in the barn alongside Scar House

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The National Trust owns 2,470ha (6,100 acres) of upper Wharfedale, including nine farms, plus the hamlets of Yockenthwaite and Cray.

Hubberholme is halfway between Yockenthwaite and Cray and is always a welcome stop on the Dales Way long distance footpath. The George Inn for a practical Top-up, St Michael and All Angels Church for a spirital top-up, and Scar House 'up top' for the spectacular views.


Kestrel, Falco tinnunculus nesting in a Field Barn above Hubberholme, Langstrothdale. This nest is located in one of the numerous ventilation holes in a traditional Yorkshire Dales Field Barn. 

The barn is here at Scar House on The National Trust's Upper Wharfedale Estate which comprises nearly 3,000 hectares of streams, rivers, calcareous grassland, ancient woodlands, hay meadows and open moorland.

She has laid 5 eggs in total and the 4th egg was laid on the 21st April. Hatching was as expected over two days 20th and 21st May.

The Kestrel
The Kestrel's home range is from 1 square km to 10 square km, depending on the availability of food and number of other Kestrels in the area.

Their breeding season starts in February. Egg laying is late April to early May. They lay between 3 and 6 eggs with 2 days between each one. Incubation starts after the third egg and lasts 27 to 29 days.

Local Wildlife Organisations
Wharfedale Naturalists' Society
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
Upper Wharfedale Field Society
Nature In The Dales
National Trust - Upper Wharfedale

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